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More than 1.8 million of hotels and apartments in every corner of the globe without a fee
Countries: 56
Cities: 918
Hotels: 355000

North America
Countries: 4
Cities: 75
Hotels: 182000

South America
Countries: 14
Cities: 148
Hotels: 52000

Countries: 31
Cities: 235
Hotels: 175000

Countries: 55
Cities: 850
Hotels: 18000

Countries: 22
Cities: 45
Hotels: 58000

Why do tourists trust wintega.us
1.8 million hotels worldwide If the hotel is not on our website, then perhaps it just isn't there :)
Best price The prices are set the hotels themselves. There are no hidden fees
Contacts of hotel After booking, we will send a letter with the phone number of the hotel so you can clarify fine details
Reservations without payment Most hotels will take reservations without prepayment

Popular cities in Russia
Each locality is famous for its rich history, culture, landmarks, monuments and architecture. We offer you to familiarize yourself with the most beautiful of them. Today Russia can be proud of the beauty and splendor of their cities.
от 3160 РУБ
St. Petersburg
Cultural Center, Historic City 9874 hotels
от 4160 РУБ
capital of Russia 7768 hotels
от 2160 РУБ
the most western city of Russia 4776 hotels
от 2160 РУБ
South of Russia 1967 hotels
от 3160 РУБ
Nizhny Novgorod
old City 4022 hotels
от 4160 РУБ
"third capital" 3954 hotels

Visit at least some popular foreign cities and Your life will never be the same :)

I love these services. They can save you time and money. Especially this website will be useful for independent travelers who don't like tour companies and prefer to do it yourself. My husband and I met Vintagey in August last year. I love Singapore, so your vacation we decided to spend it in India. This is our second time we go on a trip like that without the help of the travel Agency, so knew what to prepare. First we're going to have the choice of accommodation. Service for searching hotels inwere themselves in a search engine, and decided to use it. I was not afraid to trust the unknown site. In addition, it is very easy to navigate, nothing sverkunova: simply enter the country, date and choose from the options the most suitable price and other criteria. Now this is my favorite service. Again this year going on a journey, but in Italy, and I think Vintage again, we will come to the rescue.
Last spring he flew to Morocco — this was my first serious journey. Words can not convey how worried I was. Especially worried about housing. Before she saw the picture, I'm standing among the ruins, nowhere to go, do not know the language. Therefore, the choice of the hotel I approached with full seriousness and responsibility. The website Wintega chose randomly from the variety of proposed analogs. First, there is a very large variety of hotels in different countries. Secondly, I did not ask for any nickn After confirmation of the reservation sent me the hotel phone, and I again called them for your own peace. As a result, everything went well, service will use again and again and recommend it to their friends.
Alex and Anna
Decided to share his impressions about the website. Maybe our opinion will be to someone useful. Used the reservation service of the hotel in December 2017. We flew to Amsterdam on business, and were forced to seek accommodation at their own expense. Our boss advised us to use the website Wintega that we did. The service is very simple and easy, no problems regarding the questionnaires and the answers to dozens of questions. Everything is simple and clear. You enter the data, you provide information about h then you just have to choose. We have not paid any commissions for booking, and the procedure took no more than 15 minutes. Separately, I note that the company has a very real legal address, so if you have something not satisfied, you can appeal to specific people and to get a good answer. If again we are going somewhere, then definitely use the website. I find this to be the easiest and most reliable resource I recommend.

Blog traveler
Choosing a hotel: what should be the number.
Modern people, especially urban wants to live in a comfortable environment. And no matter where he is: at home, on vacation, on a business trip.
when traveling, any person contemplating the question of housing in advance, to reserve a hotel room by phone or Internet. Not to be in conditions that are not desirable for yourself, you should not just book the room, but also to learn about this important details.

regardless of the level of the hotel, there is always the rooms standard. If you have an idea about this room, it is easy to imagine the category of the hotel, where we decided to live.

Where to go to relax this summer?
Our Earth is beautiful, replete with many corners for a perfect holiday. The choice of location is not restricted, you can proceed in direction, popular with tourists, and travel to wild places to enjoy peace and unity with nature.

Summer in St. Petersburg. Unusual excursions.
Saint – Petersburg is an amazingly beautiful and atmospheric city. Going on vacation, a stop your choice on it. And for good reason. He captivates and immerses in a special state of calm, his greatness is amazing.

The whole World Hotels on the map
Choose hotels anywhere in the world. The map shows the most popular by ratings reviews.
St. Petersburg Toronto London
What a trip?
We can find a hotel or an apartment according to different criteria.
Leisure, tourism
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